Simple yet Effective Weight Loss Tips


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Are you looking into the mirror and not liking what you see because of weight issues? You don’t have to live with this forever as it can lead to numerous problems such as low self esteem, health problems or ultimately death. This is because you can do something about it and enjoy amazing results within a short period of time. You however have to be ready to undergoes lifestyle transformation and be committed to achieving the goals as this is the only way that you will succeed. Once you have set your mind to it some of the simple yet effective weight loss tips to follow include:

Get your body statistics
As you start the weight loss journey, it is important to know your body statistics. This can either be done at home or by a professional so that you can know exactly where you stand. This includes getting your weight measurements and inches around common problem areas such as hands, thighs and stomach. It is also vital to calculate the BMI so that you can know how much extra weight needs to be shed off. This will set you off on the right path towards losing weight since you will be working towards a specific goal. If possible memorize these measurements by heart so that you can always know what you are working towards as this will help keep you in check.

Eating healthy
The saying “you are what you eat” has a lot of truth behind it thus you need to be very careful about everything that goes into your mouth. To avoid temptation, get rid of all the junk food in your house and replace it with healthy food that are good for the body. Avoid eating out at all costs and instead prepare healthy meals at home in a bid to only ingest the right types of foods. You also need to work on the portions that you eat so that you can become successful as you try the weight loss tips.

Exercise is a very important part of the weight loss program. This said, you need to come up with an exercise routine and make sure to follow it so that it can yield results. You don’t even have to visit the gym if you are not comfortable doing so as you can work out in the house. All you need to do is get enough space and probably some workout DVDs or CDs that will guide you into performing the right type of exercises. It is however important to talk to your doctor before you engage in the exercises to ensure that they are safe for you.

In addition to eating right and exercising, there are a few changes that you make in your life to aid in the weight loss program. For instance, you can opt to take the staircase as opposed to the elevator. You can also walk short distances instead of driving. Playing outdoor games with your children or even the neighbor’s kids can also help you shed off the extra weight.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

ripped_abs_skyscraper_600X160Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Review – Pros: You can purchase some upgrades and the program provides lots of nutritional advice

There are lots weight loss products that are on the market at the moment and it can be really hard to know which one to choose that will be right for you. Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the muscle” provides you with a different way to achieve weight loss.

This program is a body type diet as it has been shown that different body types do process food in different ways. One body type may do better on complex carbohydrates and another body type may need a lower carbohydrate intake to work better. Every person is different and has different body needs and this is what the program is all about.

This program has everything that you could ever want to know about nutrition as it is devised for each different body type and goes into the facts on vitamins, macronutrients and calories along with nutrition. This personalized plan if carried out properly, should result in you losing more weight than being on a generic one.

It will show you what body type you have and then gives you all the information that is required to tailor make a fitness and diet program that is just right for your body type. Then as you start to lose weight then you can change your nutrition and calories as needed. There is help on how to work out what your metabolic rate and caloric needs are as well.

You can purchase some upgrades and the program provides lots of nutritional advice

With Venuto’s basic book you are able to purchase extra information like author interviews and also a subscription to his web site. The bonuses are good quality and the website provides you with lots of content to read. On the website you will also find features such as recipes, calculators and product reviews. There are also message forums that are full of advice and answers. It is a valuable read for anyone who is thinking of reshaping their body but it may be a little too much for a casual dieter.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Review – Cons: It isn’t for casual dieters and exercise is not covered extensively enough:

With Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Review the book has 341 pages. This excludes the extras that you will receive with the package and also the ones that you may want to purchase separately. Although again, casual dieters may find it a bit overwhelming at the large amount of information available.

Venuto is a professional bodybuilder and therefore talks like a bodybuilder. He tends to put a lot of emphasis on how to get a low overall body fat percentage. It has some competitive bodybuilding information that can be heavy handed at times, but overall gives you a lot of relevant information.

There is a lot of importance put into this weight loss and also bodybuilding program and Venuto speaks a lot about nutritional facts. Weight training and cardio exercise are given around 25 pages each and he also goes talks about how doing the exercises can affect your body. He tends to speak about exercises without really explaining how you have to do them which leaves the research down to the reader. There are also some sample workouts in the book but they tend to be more like lists than a step by step guide.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review


One of the ways that people use when looking to shed off some extra pounds is to take up dieting. Most of the diet plans out there tend to restrict a lot and this may be quite discouraging. Some of the people who try them out end up giving up altogether. Fortunately, this is not the same with fat loss 4 idiots. This diet allows one to enjoy all the foods they like and all they need to do is adhere to some rules. Every good thing has a downside. That is why we have gone on to prepare the pros and cons for you. Take a good look at the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review.

Fat Loss 4 idiots Review – The Positives

Pro : Allows you to take a break

The great thing about this diet program is that it is not restrictive. You are allowed to take a break and indulge in your favorite forbidden foods after 11 days. You are allowed to indulge for 3 days and you can then resume the diet if you want to lose some more weight. Many people are happy with the fact that they get the opportunity to indulge once in a while unlike the rest of the diet programs.

The other great thing about this diet plan is that you are allowed to take a glass of wine a day. Not many diet plans allow alcohol and this makes it a favorite for many. The three day break and permission to take wine is a great motivator for many people.

Pro : You get to decide what you eat

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots program comes with an online meal generator. This allows you to pick out different types of foods from a list and the program will help you to create a meal plan that is personalized. Despite the fact that you are allowed to come up with your own meal plan, there is a limit on the foods you can choose from. That means you will not get all the comfort foods you may wish for.

Despite the variety that comes with the meal plan, you are bound to get bored after a few weeks. In such a case, an upgrade is available for purchase. You also get access to a guide which is known as ‘Beyond Calories’. This guide will give you more choices in terms of the foods you can pick from.

Pro: It has an option for vegetarians

There are many diet plans out there but very few among them actually cater for vegetarians. This is one of the reasons as to why Fat Loss 4 Idiots stands out from the rest. It also caters for people who are vegetarians by allowing them to select meal plans that are vegetarian in nature. Vegetarian diets are good for the heart because of the fact that they are low in saturated fat.

Ways of Loosing Calories

Though it is not easy for everyone to lose weight effectively but some of its count can be easily reduced to some extent by eating lesser calories. So to understand how to lose your weight you will have to understand how to reduce calories.

If you know the right way to reduce your calorie intake then you will be able to do it effectively. But for this purpose you have to neither starve yourself nor feel deprived of certain things. Actually your calorie intake can be reduced easily and effortlessly. The tips provided in this article will certainly help you in reducing your calories as well as your weight effectively.

Using healthy substitutes to lose calories

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Instead of giving up your favorite dishes substituting them with healthy alternatives will a suitable option for you. For instance you love to eat some chocolaty and rich recipe but if you reduce a small part of your dish that may have added hundreds of calories daily then you can easily satisfy your craving for it. You can also satisfy your craving for your favorite chocolate dish by using a healthy substitute of low fat and sugar free chocolate recipes.

Similarly instead of whole milk products you can also use low fat dairy products or instead of fatty meat use low calorie meat or replace chips with rice cakes or air popped popcorns to reduce your calorie intake. Whole fruits are also good alternative to fruit juice and margarine free from trans-fats is better substitute to butter in this direction.

Eating more to lose calories

People usually never think of eating more to lose their calorie intake as it does not seems to be a right option in this regard. But it has been proved through various studies that eating in small quantities for several times a day also helping controlling your appetite.